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Vehicle: 2004 Toyota Prius Problem: Deer Fence Spill

Dear Sirs; I wish to thank you for your help. The management and crew have gone out of their way to be helpful. The People of Odor B Gone 2 are very courteous and I have, and will recommend Odor B Gone 2. Thank You for your services.

- Patricia

08 Nissan Titan Problem: Urine/ Defecated

Thanks so much for getting my truck back to its original state. I wish State Farm had sent me to you first in April; instead they tried to replace the seats, which did not resolve the issue. Finally in October 2010, they sent my truck to you. I have a 2008 Nissan Titan that had been urinated and defecated multiple times by a boy scout while transporting them to an outing. As you can imagine the smell in the car was appalling. The urine and feces had saturated in the backseats and floor. We had the truck professionally detailed by a company that failed. Jay and his staff were very professional and extremely thorough in how they decontaminated the truck.

Not only did they come and pick up my truck, they delivered it to a body shop to have some repairs done while they were waiting for a part. Once all work was completed they delivered my truck back to my Home! Definitely Great Customer Service!

Thanks so much

- David S.

Toyota Avalon Problem: Severe Water Damage

Jay, Thank you so much for all the time, effort and work your company did on my mom’s car. The car had been flooded with water up to the seats, and mildew was overwhelming. What you did to fix the problem was nothing short of a miracle.

I have just returned from a visit to California and I could not believe the results! The car looks and smells like a brand new car! Although, my mother’s terminal illness continues to progress; her lung condition has improved and she no longer has coughing fits. Thank You again for everything Odor B Gone has done for our family.

- Debbie J.

2013 Chevy Equinox Problem: Gasoline Spill inside vehicle

Excellent service and finished on time; even with our short time requirements. Did an outstanding job; even after another Company tried first.

Odor B Gone got rid of the fumes and odor 100% Thanks!

- Doug and Cindi

06 Lexus GS Problem: Coffee Spill

I thought you did an outstanding job! I wish I knew about your Company earlier. It would have saved me a lot of time trying to get the coffee stains out.

- Kim T.

06 Honda CRV Problem: Fire and Severe Smoke Damage

I was Skeptical that the Fire smoke odor damage could be fixed and resolved, to my satisfaction. Odor B Gone 2, exceeded my expectations and I am happy to have my Honda back; in workable and functional condition.


- Kyle

03 Mercedes Benz CLK350 Problem: Chemical Spill

Attention Supervisor for Jay Grewer - I am writing in regards to your employee, Mr. Jay Grewer who handled the chemical spill that we had to endure due to faulty Pine sol Bottle that spilled in our vehicle and was taken to our facility for repairs and refurbishing.

Mr. Grewer is to be commended for taking care of us in such an excellent exemplary manner throughout our ordeal. He was Courteous and on the spot with information that we needed conveyed to us throughout the process. He was polite and returned my husband’s beloved Mercedes Benz o us spotless and in the condition that we fell in love with when we first purchased it.

Last but not least, I would be honored to have an employee such as Mr. Grewer on my staff. He definitely deserves a gold star for all of his efforts.

Very truly yours

- Linda H.

04 Lexus RX330 Problem: Carpet Contamination

Great Service, always Professional.

- Mark

07 Dodge Ram 1500 Problem: Flood Damage

My Truck was flooded because of an unsealed window therefore; odor and mildew had built up (not good).

I was recommended by my Insurance and sure enough, Odor B Gone 2 was able to repair the damages done by the water. They decontaminated my whole truck. Including: carpet, seats, everything! My car looks better than the first time I bought it.

Odor B Gone was amazing. They had great communication with my insurance, and I. They worked around my schedule and needs. Only if my truck could smile, more than satisfied. Thank You Odor B Gone!

- Marsela R.

RV Trailer Problem: Severe Rodent Contamination

Dear Jay- Thank You for the great service!

My Best

- Mike F. of Celebrity Foundation

Lexus IS430 Problem: Fire Damage

Dear Jay,

So we finally out this saga behind us and move on with our lives! Thanks for all your help.

You have been a super gentleman and should very well succeed in business, if nothing else, because of your cool demeanor. We appreciate your cooperation and professionalism.

We will definitely refer clients to you. Have a great weekend.

- Chris T.

99 Chevy Silverado Problem: Water damage

We had Water Damage. They fixed the problem.

- Perry H.

06 Chrysler Problem: Olive Oil Spill

A few minutes ago one of your employees delivered the seat and installed it, just as he said he would as promised.

It has been a pleasure to do business with you. You have kept your word as you looked over the work to be done, kept me apprised of the progress, and made sure I got my car as quickly as possible.

Thank you very much

- Reefa H.

07 Toyota Camry Problem: Urine/ and misc. Odor issues

You are my HERO! 

- Rhonda T.

2003 Lexus ES300 Problem: Dead Rat

Thanks Jay, Car came out nice.

- Rick M.

08 Honda Accord Problem: Smoke/ Nicotine

Just want to say that Jay and Crew did an outstanding job of getting rid of the stinky smoke smell in my Honda Accord. Thanks again for a great job! 

- Scott

2000 Toyota SR5 Problem: Urine/ Vandalism

There’s nothing worse than finding out that someone has pissed in your car.

Jay and Amanda took special care of us and cleaned the car better than before it got pissed in. They were thorough; they explained everything, showed us the process and even gave my wife a ride home to Huntington Beach after we dropped the car off. 

I would recommend them to anyone who has a weird smell in their car or just wants to get the inside odor free. They worked with our Insurance and really put us at ease.


- Sean H.

05 Honda Civic Hybrid Problem: Mildew

I wanted to express my gratitude for the professional and detailed job that Fixmystinkycar.com (Odor B Gone 2) did on m 2005 Honda Civic Hybrid.

The quality of repairs solved all the problems with my vehicle. Jay, the owner, completed the work in a timely manner and maintained a high level of quality. For future customers, I highly recommend Jay Grewer’s Company as a very reputable and efficient company to solve automobile odor and odor-related problems.


- Steven B.

06 Saturn Ion Problem: Fire/ smoke damage

Thanks Jay! Got voice message from insured late yesterday; very happy with vehicle.

Thanks Again

- Steve K of AAA

Problem: Blood stains & rodent damage

I've seen Jay's team do some AMAZING things to remove nasty messes and stinky smells of all sorts out of cars, trucks and vans. I took a tour and saw a vehicle you couldn't get me to touch. It was horrid. Blood stains and things I cannot tell you what might have been. There was a vehicle with rodent damage, a few with blood damage, one with bullet holes all over it and, yes, blood damage. That one was in the news. But the vehicles looked like new when I went back to see them repaired. And I learned that most of what Jay does is covered by car insurance!! Where was he when I had a really stinky car???? I recommend him and his team. Seriously they are GREAT.

- Sandra Rea - Seasoned and Tasty Ghostwriter; Award-Winning Copywriter; Seasoned PR and Digital Marketing Pro; Real Estate Investor!!

Problem: Various

Jay has an amazing flair for life and his business practices. He is a true gentleman and his word is gold. Not often do you meet someone in business that fully and completely follows through on what they say they will do. Jay will exceed your expectations and will be glad to with a smile on his face the whole time. A true professional at his skill and I applaud him for what he has accomplished since I have met him. 

- Eric Parker - Elite Master Certified Service Consultant for Lexus

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