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All OBG services are covered by an unlimited lifetime warranty. We work with all major insurance companies.

People ask us, "how can you offer an unlimited lifetime warranty?"

We can offer a lifetime guarantee for the same reason that we never use ozone machines, deodorizers, chemical bombs, and the like. Odors in your car come from contaminants in your car. We find and remove the odor-causing contaminants wherever they are. For example, if the odor is coming from your air conditioning, we find the source of the odor and remove the contaminants as well repair any attendant damage. Even if we have to disassemble the air conditioning from the dashboard to under the hood, our expert team includes master mechanical technicians with decades of experience in all the electronic and mechanical systems in your foreign or domestic car.

We don't have to be afraid of "digging into" any system needed to remove the cause of the odor or repair any damage.

If there is a spill in your car, perhaps gasoline or milk, we find all the contaminants and remove them before we clean the surfaces involved. If all the contaminants are removed, then the odor is removed and will not come back. Since we actually take care of business and do it right to begin with, we don’t have to worry about the costs involved in redoing it.

Any time additional “odor treatment” is needed, your car isn’t actually clean – there are still contaminants generating those odors. Covering it up with some treatment isn’t going to actually remove the contaminants. That is why our process deliberately does not include any odor treatments. Odor treatments hide the most reliable signs of whether the contaminants are removed. We don't take shortcuts, so we know when we have found all the contaminants in your car: The odors are gone forever without ozone*, deodorizers, airfresheners, or fragrances. And that is why we can offer an unlimited lifetime warranty on all the work that we do.

Remember: If your car needs odor treatment after it's been cleaned then your car hasn't been decontaminated and isn't actually clean. Bring it to us. We'll do it right. You'll be happy. We guarantee it.

Call or email us on our hotline about your automotive interior disaster to inquire about our services and see if it is covered by insurance!